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WTF is Public Privates?

Public Privates is a research project focused on finding love safely in the 21st century.

While dating online may be the safest way to meet new people during a pandemic, too few know the real risks involved in using dating apps. 

We wanna fix that.

Partnering with privacy + security experts, Public Privates aims to provide clear, concise, instructions on how to follow your heart while protecting your wallet.

In the coming months, we will be providing illustrated guides on subjects like:

  • How to Protect yourself on dating apps

  • How to have safe sex online

  • Deepfakes + Revenge Porn

  • How to spot a Dating Bot

  • Understanding Facial Recognition AI

And so much more!

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1on1 Coaching

Tired of Endless Swiping? Sign up for a  coaching session with one of our sex + relationship coaches

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Web Comic

Need a laugh? Of course you do! So check out our weekly comic of a hopeless romantic's journey looking for love in all the apocalyptic places. Updates Saturday.

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